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Tips For Writing Your Personal Wedding Vows

Prudence Takle, July 16 2019

In wedding ceremonies conducted by non-religious marriage celebrants you have to take your vows “I take you blah to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband”. Those words are legally required for you to actually get married. But if looking into each other’s eyes and saying the robotic phrase that everyone who gets married says doesn’t feel right to you,...

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5 Best Wedding Cocktails

Prudence Takle, June 20 2019

If you're a bit mischievous like me, you may consider adding cocktails to your drinks list. Cocktails are one way to get the party started and another way to keep the fire burning. From personal experience, the weddings with cocktails served are up there with the best I've been to. So here's a shortlist to help you choose which cocktails to add and...

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