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Prudence Takle, September 20 2019

Cool Wedding Ceremony Ideas For Fun-Loving Couples

Most couples I meet are all about making their wedding ceremony fun. They want a non-traditional ceremony that’s more about them, their friends and family than etiquette and expectations. If that’s you and your hoping to get the party started sooner rather than later, you should consider adding some out-of-the-ordinary inclusions to your ceremony.

If that’s you and your hoping to get the party started sooner rather than later, you should consider adding some out-of-the-ordinary inclusions to your ceremony.

Here’s 15 ideas to make your wedding ceremony fun and memorable. Be warned, these ideas are for ballsy, fun-at-all-costs kinds of couples. Those who aren’t afraid to take themselves a little less seriously, even on their wedding day.

Before I give you the inside scoop, I want to acknowledge and pay tribute to the amazing T.C.S. Members aka The Celebrant Society. Without this group of mad dog celebrants I wouldn't have been inspired to write this post or turn the cool wedding ceremony pipe dream into a reality. 

Adding these elements to your ceremony will definitely spice things up, but it takes a courageous celebrant to pull them off. And yep, that’s me - PT!

Let’s hop to it!

1. Flower Adults

Commonly referred to as flower dudes, flower grannies, flower lassies…etc. This is a role for the extroverts in your group. The people who will do anything for a laugh or who are ballsy enough to give it a crack.

Sometimes it’s a matter of settling the score for your little sister who never got to be a flower girl.

But mostly an adult, grown-up, flower person sets the tone for your ceremony and the celebrations to come. It’s the ultimate statement that you’re up for a good time and your guests should expect nothing less.

 2. Make an entrance

It’s tradition that one side of the wedding party wait while the other walks down the aisle. But you’re at point #2 because you’re into ditching tradition so why not start with the ceremony entrance?

Maybe it’s a full-on conga line, starting with your I do crew and finishing with yourselves. Maybe you’re ready to go viral with a full choreographed entrance.

And don’t forget you can also involve your immediate family in this.

Add props for extra flare and commitment to show stopping performance!

3. Pledge to party

You will be familiar with wedding vows but have you ever thought about making your guests take a vow too?

If having a big celebration is the most important thing for your big day, get everyone on board early, in the ceremony in fact. During the introduction have your guests pledge to party and have a good time with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your granny or your niece, everyone can take the vow to unleash their inner party animal in celebration of your love.

4. Who goes first?

If you’re the kind of couple who bickers over who choses which take out to order, this one is for you.

When it comes to who will say their vows first, there’s always an awkward pause. Come the ceremony, nerves are high and secretly you’ll probably be hoping it won’t be you.

Let’s flip for this one! And do it on the spot. Your guests get to enjoy the fun and you really have to succumb to the moment. Loser goes first! Or was it winner?… We can never be sure…!

5.     Ninja I Dos

Not to be confused with Ninja Vows (see #6) – I do’s are a question, aiming for the response “I do”. Most well known for the old "do you take this person for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health... yada yada yada..."

In this stealthy variation, you write the questions the other person is going to say “I do” to.

It’s a handy way to settle any outstanding disputes, promise away bugbears or simply make sure your other half maintains the qualities you love most about them.

6. Ninja Vows

The name might be misleading, but essentially, Ninja Vows are stealth like vows slipped to your celebrant for your partner to make without them knowing what they’re about to read!

Ninja Vows aren’t intended to take the place of Personal Vows. They can be an added extra for those who still want to say their own words, or as a substitute for those who are super brave.

To add Ninja Vows to your ceremony, write vows for the other person to read. Neither of you will really know what you're in for until the actual moment.

It’s the ultimate sign of trust in one another and faith in not taking things too seriously!

7. Shake On It!

I had a couple do this and it was fun so now it’s a thing! If you’re the kind of couple who shake on your promises or pinky swear, maybe you even have your own version of a hand shake this one is for you.

After you’ve said your “I dos” you shake on them.

Making them not only integral to your marriage but bound within your relationship rule book.

8. Witness lucky dip

If choosing two people to be your witnesses is going to cause next-level family in-fighting, avoid passive aggressive commentary by leaving the choice to chance.

Upon arriving at your ceremony guests will be given a number. When it comes to the serious part of the ceremony – the legal vows – two lucky winners will be drawn and asked to pay extra attention.

Allowing anyone attending your wedding to sign the papers which actually lodge your marriage is a big leap of faith. It shows that the people who are there to see you get married are your nearest and dearest in every sense.

Side note: I have also had siblings draw straws for this honour at the signing table. It's a bit competitive, a bit nostalgic and totally fun!

9. Hide the rings

Want to play a game? It’s called hide the rings. When it comes to the ring exchange, instead of asking for the rings from the best man, your guests will be asked to check underneath their seats.

Under two mystery seats, the rings will have been taped. The lucky people sitting on those seats get to bring them up, take a bow and return to their seats.

10. Take a shot!

Who said the alcohol had to wait until the reception? In a cheeky show of solidarity/party vibes/self-destruction, pass around shot glasses and have your guests take a shot before your vows.

If you’re really clever, this can be teamed with a famous story of a night out in Tokyo. The kind of night which spoiled Sake forever. In comes the Sake!!!

Also, there are no rules for when people drink. You can start the ceremony with it if you like or use it to end the ceremony in party mode.

11.     Phone a friend

We’ve all got that friend we’d call if a tough situation arose. The one you know would get you out of trouble without judgement and keep it hush hush! This is your opportunity to honour their loyalty without making a big to-do.

Before the ceremony one of you hands over your phone with this person’s contact details showing. When it comes to pronouncing you married, everyone is asked to turn their phones back on and up loud. The person whose phone rings is the one, who gets to take the mic and make this union official! Let’s hope they don’t hate public speaking.

12.     Spot the reference

Who remembers when Dylan Alcott so sneakily dropped Wu-Tang lyrics into his Q&A appearance?

Well this is like that, but bingo style. In the housekeeping section, guests are told that sprinkled throughout the ceremony will be references to your favourite movie/artist/song/TV show/game etc. Once they count 5 they have to stand up and yell their name at the top of their lungs, no matter when in the ceremony it is!

It’s a good way of testing who’s actually listening, who is on your wavelength and simply, who can count to 5.

Prizes for the winning guest/s are at your own discretion. The street cred they’ll earn will be the true reward.

Like what you’ve read and want to flesh these ideas out in more detail? Or want access to the other 5 ideas I’m keeping under wraps?  Swap deets with me and we can see where things go!

13. Ring security

Those new rings are precious! If you’re looking for a way to add a little character to your ceremony, bring in ring security. It could be kids in suits Men In Black styles with a toy safe. It could be adults who are just as dedicated to the role as kids would be. Or you can put a sign on your family pet and get them to carry the all important cargo up the aisle.

Whichever you choose, it’s a fun moment of guest participation that makes everyone smile and give the secret service a big round of applause!

14. Go out with a bang!

Finish your ceremony with a bang – a G rated bang thanks gutter minds! When vows have been said and rings exchanged it’s time to pronounce you married. Imagine this…

“Congratulations Charlie and Bowie!”


Cannons go off showering you and the guests with confetti.

Your friends and family will be talking about this forever, and not just because they keep finding confetti in the weirdest places!

15. Switch up the blessing!

In a traditional wedding, especially in the UK, the wedding ends with a blessing. It’s like a prayer but more of a well-wish. Along the lines of… may your hearts entangle forever more, may you share laughter for all your days, may you never walk in each other’s shadow – you get the picture!

But here’s a fun take on it.

In the pre-wedding festivities friends jump at the chance to impart some marriage advice. This could be a game they’ve taken part in where they’ve filled in a well wishes card or perhaps they’ve pulled you aside and talked your ear off in a well-meaning and very drunken D & M.

We can use this material as ammo for your ceremony. When it comes to a final “blessing” I can read out some of these words of advice. Some might be wise, some might be weird, some might be cheeky and of course, we will credit the advisers!

Like what you’ve read and want to flesh these ideas out in more detail? Let’s chat in our ceremony planning sesh or get together to talk wedding dates if you haven't locked me in yet!

Written by

Prudence Takle


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