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Wedding Tips & Tricks

Preparing For Hot Weather On Your Wedding Day

Prue, January 15 2020

Unfortunately, weather is one of those things we have absolutely no control over. If you’re getting married in Melbourne- the rumours are true, expect 4 seasons in one day, even if it’s high summer. From January to March it can go from full blown heatwave of 40 degrees, to 19 degrees and torrential rain, sometimes even in same day! There’s no tel...

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Ceremony Trends

Cool Wedding Ceremony Ideas For Fun-Loving Couples

Prudence Takle, September 20 2019

Most couples I meet are all about making their wedding ceremony fun. They want a non-traditional ceremony that’s more about them, their friends and family than etiquette and expectations. If that’s you and your hoping to get the party started sooner rather than later, you should consider adding some out-of-the-ordinary inclusions to your ceremony...

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