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I became a celebrant because I want to give lovely people the experience they deserve.

To create something that's rich and meaningful in a collaborative way. Words to remember in the moments of a lifetime.

Why I became a celebrant

"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."

How the journey began

In 2016 my gorgeous fiancé proposed, with a prop ring. He knew picking the perfect ring for me would be tricky and he was right. As with all things in life, I like to add a bit of ‘Prueness’ in this case it was a black diamond!

I Insta-hunted down a jeweller with a glam vibe who seemed like she could source a black diamond. Our experience designing our ring with our jeweller was incredible. And it got me thinking… What a time to be in people’s lives! What a job to have!

I started pondering how I could create the same experience in my own work life…

I’m creative and I have this snobby ‘Bachelor of Creative Arts’ degree in Theatre Studies, Creative Writing and Visual Arts that I do nothing with… Hmm… I could put some of those skills to use as a marriage celebrant!

With a lifetime of performing and script writing experience (yes, I’m counting the lounge room performances!), I’m stoked that I get to put all my skills to use in creating kickass ceremonies for all my lovers.


I’m a 30-something mum to Teddi a princess baby and Jazzy a diva toddler. Fiancé to Dave who is an Assistant Principal by day, big lifter by night.  And I’m fur mummy to Sadie our roly poly dog come match-maker.

I live in Cheltenham, Vic and am Bayside born and bred. I feel most at home by the seaside.

Next things on my bucket list are to learn to play the guitar, learn to surf and learn to skateboard.

I could be charged for the overuse of emojis… Apologies in advance.

And I strongly believe if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

On a more personal note...