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I became a celebrant because I want to give lovely people the experience they deserve.

To create something that's rich and meaningful in a collaborative way.  A ceremony that starts a memorable day in just the right way!

Why I became a celebrant

"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."

How the journey began

In 2016 my then fiancé proposed, with a prop ring. He knew picking the perfect ring for me would be tricky and he was right. As with all things in life, I like to add a bit of ‘Prueness’ in this case it was a black diamond!

I Insta-hunted down a jeweller with a glam vibe who seemed like she could source a black diamond. Our experience designing our ring with our jeweller was incredible. And it got me thinking… What a time to be in people’s lives! What a job to have!

I started pondering how I could create the same experience in my own work life…

I’m creative and I have this snobby ‘Bachelor of Creative Arts’ degree in Theatre Studies, Creative Writing and Visual Arts that I do nothing with… Hmm… I could put some of those skills to use as a marriage celebrant!

With a lifetime of performing and script writing experience (yes, I’m counting the lounge room performances!), I’m stoked that I get to put all my skills to use in creating unique and inspired ceremonies for all my lovelies.


Tequila is my superpower. I love to let the good times rolls and tequila shots are my ultimate party starter!

I live in Edithvale, Vic and am Bayside born and bred. I feel most at home by the seaside.

By day I'm known as "Teddi's mum" or "Jasmine's mum". Teddi is a free-spirited little preschooler and Jasmine is a very sassy first grader.

In 2021 Dave and I made it official and became husband and wife.

And we met because Dave needed someone to puppy sit the wrinkly, roly poly dog you see in the photos - SADIEEE!!! I puppy sat her when she was only 10 weeks old while he went to Santorini for his sister's wedding. We stayed in touch, mainly talking about Sadie until he asked me out for drinks. As they say, the rest is history!

On a more personal note...