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Prudence Takle, June 20 2019

5 Best Wedding Cocktails

If you're a bit mischievous like me, you may consider adding cocktails to your drinks list. Cocktails are one way to get the party started and another way to keep the fire burning. From personal experience, the weddings with cocktails served are up there with the best I've been to. So here's a shortlist to help you choose which cocktails to add and why!

1. The Espresso Martini

Fan favourite, the espresso martini is hard to beat. It's the perfect 9pm, after mains pick me up. The right amount of buzz and booze to cut through the wines sipped and ensure the dance floor is pumping.

Make a twist on the traditional with salted caramel martinis.

And with many online stores espresso martinis in a glass jar or can, you can even add them to the table settings as a party favour. Check out 

2. Blueberry Mojito

You know the old tradition; something borrowed, something blue. Well here it is! The blueberry mojito has all the pep of a traditional mojito with a slightly sweeter spin. Thirst quenching and super refreshing, it's a great chaser to the marriage ceremony. Guests will soon forget they're wearing the most uncomfortable heels they own and relax into frivolous fun mode.

3. Negroni

Said to be a sign of a salacious evening, the zesty tang of the Negroni is sure to get tongues wagging. 

It can be served as a pre-gamer for first course, ensuring that even the most awkward guests will engage in deep over-dinner conversations. The Negroni is the perfect broody dinner aperatif. 

4. White Sangria

I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't include a pre-ceremony special. White sangria is a beautiful welcome for your arriving guests. It takes minds off the weather - too hot, too cold, no matter. And starts the pre-wedding tingles. Being a pale colour it also does those little-bit-clumsy friends a favour. If there are any spills, the colour fades fast.

Warm it up for winter weddings with peach and nectarines or cool it down for summer weddings with citrus.

5. Manhattan

This bitter-sweet mix will please the guys and girls. The Manhattan is best sipped slowly over mains. The strong mix is sure to pack a punch so food in bellies is a must or you'll see more spills and tumbles than expected later in the evening.

If you are considering adding cocktails to the mix, please check with your venue before booking a date because some venues (party poopers) don't allow the service of spirits.

Have fun choosing which naughty water you'll drink on your big day lovers!

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Prudence Takle


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