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Keeping It In The Family

Prudence Takle, August 4 2023

You’re looking at the roles on your wedding day and matching them to the people you love most then suddenly, you realise, you want your siblings to have a special part to play but what?! As with all ways of including others in your day, my rule is to do it in a way that will suit who they are and what you think they would be up

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Making children a special part of your wedding ceremony

Prudence Takle, March 22 2022

There’s the age old saying – never work with children or dogs… Well I must be a sucker for punishment because I’m 100% down for either or both! As a mum of two, I was delighted that our girls were a part of our wedding day. It was something truly special. Therefore, I love giving my couples the opportunity to include the little people they love in...

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Ceremony Trends

Cool Wedding Ceremony Ideas For Fun-Loving Couples

Prudence Takle, September 20 2019

Most couples I meet are all about making their wedding ceremony fun. They want a non-traditional ceremony that’s more about them, their friends and family than etiquette and expectations. If that’s you and your hoping to get the party started sooner rather than later, you should consider adding some out-of-the-ordinary inclusions to your ceremony.

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