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Prue, June 19 2023

Why Do Marriage Celebrants Cost So Much?!

I often get asked why wedding celebrants charge what they charge. It’s a big question!

The wedding industry is not a standardised one. It’s true you can find celebrants for $400, up to $2500, maybe even more…

Celebrants base package pricing on many factors and it’s entirely subjective to how they run their business.

Some celebrants might charge less, simply because their business is new and they want to build their reputation before pricing higher. Some may be working other jobs and celebrancy is a side hobby, therefore they charge less because they don't rely on the income or they charge more and do less weddings in a year. Some may be pricing based on market research of like-for-like celebrants and services in their area or the budgets of couples they see themselves working with.

For me, pricing comes down to three main things - experience, processes and vision.


I’ve been a full time celebrant since 2019. I have a Bachelor degree from Melbourne University in Creative Writing and Theatre Studies (and all that HECS debt!). I've also got a Masters In Business Marketing. Throughout my professional career, I’ve managed large-scale corporate events as well as being a marketer and copy writer for businesses big and small. And I have my Certificate IV in Celebrancy. 

In a nutshell, I’m a highly qualified celebrant.

I bring all of that experience to every couple's wedding ceremony, plus what I've learned from marrying over 100 couples, nearly 200 so I’m not fresh in this business.

Celebrancy is my main income. I’m not juggling it against another job. I am however, juggling it against being a mother to young children so make of that what you will…!


Every dollar of profit goes into our family piggy bank. In the early days, wedding bookings paid for strawberry milkshake dates with my girls and few extra princess dresses from the big man at Christmas.

Now a large portion of it goes back into running my business; keeping my equipment up-to-date, adding new devices and features to make wedding ceremonies smoother, new systems to manage client information in a safe and streamlined way, timely reminders and scheduling to ensure not box goes unchecked and nothing gets missed. Not forgetting professional development to ensure my skills are finely tuned and progressive. Admittedly, there's also the warranted or unwarranted purchases of new dresses to suit the fabulous weddings I get to be part of.


I’ve built my business beyond the initial setup phase, we’ve moved into maturity and now I’m looking at the next frontier for PT Celebrant. I'm currently booking 2025 weddings, so I have to think what weddings will be like in two years' time! What will planning involve? How can I gear up now, to be ready for 2025 couples?

To answer the very complex question… I charge what I charge because of my past, my present and the future.

I pride myself on offering a personalised experience to every couple. As a humble person, I never oversell a couple on a bigger than necessary package. I price within my peers, although I’m not the most expensive within that set.

In my mind, your celebrant should bring value to your wedding day and in the lead up. Therefore, what you are willing to pay reflects your own expectations.

"In many cases, what couples pay for a marriage celebrant doesn’t equate to what they get because, top notch celebrants make their wedding day one to remember. Top notch celebrants are priceless!"

For full transparency, my fees are on my website under the wedding packages I provide. See Services for more information.

If you would like more information on pricing, specifically if travel is involved or you're considering having me MC your wedding reception, as always send an enquiry and we can chat!

x Prue

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