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Making children a special part of your wedding ceremony

Prudence Takle, March 22 2022

There’s the age old saying – never work with children or dogs… Well I must be a sucker for punishment because I’m 100% down for either or both! As a mum of two, I was delighted that our girls were a part of our wedding day. It was something truly special. Therefore, I love giving my couples the opportunity to include the little people they love in...

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Wedding Tips & Tricks

Thoughtful ways to include a lost loved one in your wedding

Prudence Takle, February 7 2020

A modern wedding ceremony carries many layers of meaning. For you as a couple it’s primarily to celebrate and acknowledge your commitment to each other, but often it’s also a tribute to family and friends. Those who have helped shape you into the people you are, the people you aspire to be. And to those who have had your back and will continue to...

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