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Keeping It In The Family

Prudence Takle, August 4 2023

You’re looking at the roles on your wedding day and matching them to the people you love most then suddenly, you realise, you want your siblings to have a special part to play but what?! As with all ways of including others in your day, my rule is to do it in a way that will suit who they are and what you think they would be up

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Wedding Tips & Tricks

The truth about virtual weddings

Prudence Takle, October 3 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Australia, I can’t tell you how many people have said jokingly-kind-of-seriously, “So you must be marrying people on Zoom now?” Sometimes I really can’t be bothered enlightening them with the complexities of the situation so I just answer, “Heh. Yeh something like that!”

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Ceremony Trends

Making the wedding processional your party starter

Prudence Takle, September 26 2020

When you think of a processional what comes to mind? The processional is usually the beginning of a wedding ceremony. Steeped in tradition, this grand entrance is often layered with meaning and sentimental values. Even the most non-traditional couple can surprise me with how much importance they place on this part of their ceremony.

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